SongJoint Music Publishing, Inc., better known as, began in 2006 as an internet-based social network and resource center for San Francisco bay area musicians, songwriters, producers and publishers. In an effort to create musical synergy, matched great writers with talented musicians and producers for higher quality musical compositions and recordings ready for publication and distribution.

Like any great idea, ascended to the next evolution. provides excellent musical compositions for any type of project requiring the placement of musical sound as a component to its integrity. We provide music licensing and clearance for musical compositions for use in film, television, commercial, software and web-based applications, video games, ring-tones, musical products and of so much more. provides licensing opportunities to independent songwriters, musicians and publishers., founded by songwriter and musician U. D. Wilmore , began publishing and licensing its own work, reaching out to other professional songwriters and publishers to grow its network, talent and knowledge of the industry needs. boasts an array of diverse musical genres and styles, successfully compiling an impressive catalogue of music compositions for licensing and clearance.

SongJoint Music Publishing is a member of ASCAP, AIMP and the West Coast Songwriters Association.
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