What’s Next? (How to submit your music)

It is important to understand that we don’t offer recording contracts or artist representation here at SongJoint.com. SongJoint.com is a music publisher. Our goal is to make your music available for licensing opportunities. Licensing opportunities are everywhere. Our clients are software engineers, independent film producers, television show producers, advertising agencies, video game developers, radio station programmers, business owners and the list goes on.
Licensing is merely giving permission to others to use your copyrighted work for a fee. We exploit your musical composition to its fullest potential.

1. Submit only your best quality recording. It doesn’t matter if you have recorded your music composition in a professional studio or in your home studio, just make sure it is your best recording. Our clients have the opportunity to hear your musical composition before it becomes a part of the SongJoint catalogue.
2. Keep your song titles simple. It is always best to have the title of your musical composition be a line from it lyrics. Create the memory upfront.
3. If your composition has lyrics, make sure they are prominent in your work. Licensing opportunities are often about the lyrical content as they help to promote a scene or story line.
4. For evaluation purposes, submit only MP3 files. If your composition is selected for the SongJoint catalogue, you will be asked to submit your master recording in a wav file.
5. In the Songwriters menu, select musical composition submission form. Complete the form and attach your file. As you complete the submission form, be mindful of the genre and style of your musical composition. This will assist us in the placement of your composition.
6. Click submit, and that is it! We listen carefully to all submissions. We respect the time and effort involved in the creation of your musical composition.

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