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Ever notice the street musician wailing away on some rocking tune? Then you get a little closer, and you notice the crowd gathering around, even if only for a minute or so to take in what that musician has to offer. Then you look down in the guitar case or the coffee can, or the hat or whatever they use to collect money and you see all the coins and a few dollar bills and sometimes even 5 or 10 dollar bill. Now think about this, that street musician is probably making more money at the craft of music than you. What?!?! That can’t be right. Now you’re thinking, me and my band play all the time. We practice regularly. We play cover gigs at some of the local watering holes or at the annual street fair or festival or sometime the occasional wedding or birthday party to make enough money to work on our original stuff so we can secure a record deal, right?
Think about how much time and money is spent trying to get a record deal. A record deal is not a guarantee of income. More musicians,songwriters and performers fail because they fail to put themselves out on the market. The difference between the street musician and you is simple. The street musician is out every day earning a living at their craft. Every day, day in and day out, you can rest assured that they will be on that same step, or in the same plaza or at the same subway station pounding out the music for your listening pleasure just to make a buck. They make their living at putting their music out there for the world to hear, or at least the subway patrons.
I am not telling you that the only way to make a living is to go find an empty street corner and start playing, but what I am telling you is that many musicians have launched a career by putting themselves out there in similar life situations. What difference does it make that you wrote, recorded and produced an awesome track in your home or project studio if no one but your friends or family hears it? We know that music is a work of art, but the key word is not art, its work. Every day, we work a job to earn a living to support our love of the craft of music making. Some musicians have already resigned the thought of making any money, they just ‘love” to play or to write. Are you kidding me? I love to play and I love to write, and I love to get paid for what I do.
It is important to understand your craft from a business perspective. The business of music involves discovering ways to exploit your work. Doctors, lawyers, and Indian chiefs don’t work for free. Your talent and skill is no different, so why keep it in the hobby stage just for the love of it? Do you know any doctors or police officers or bus drivers or grocery clerks who just do what they do for a hobby?

Our job at songjoint.com is to find the seekers of music.Our customers, are software designers, video game makers, web content providers, radio show producers, filmmakers of all levels and so much more. Where ever people need music, we find a way to put it there.
If you have a great song to share, let us evaluate it. Let our customers hear it. You might have exactly what they have been looking for.
I hope to hear you soon!!!

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